Satish Pejaver

Satish Pejaver, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

Satish Pejaver, Ph.D.           Executive Director, Scientific Officer 

Dr Pejaver joined InnoPharma, Inc. as its CSO after approx. 23 years of R&D experience in industry, majority of which was at Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Dr Pejaver played a key role in growing the generic injectable business unit of Baxter, and was responsible for developing various generic injectable products, as well as few selected NCEs. While at Baxter, he led a team of 80+ scientists, in groups including analytical R&D, stability R&D, formulation and process R&D for injectable as well as inhalation anesthetics. In addition to R&D he also worked closely with project management and regulatory affairs groups, in successful development, regulatory filing and commercial launch of several products, most significant of which was generic propofol injectable emulsion.

At InnoPharma, Inc., Dr Pejaver provides operational as well as strategic R&D leadership. He leads the entire R&D team of InnoPharma, Inc., as well as its regulatory operations & affairs and project management groups.