Marketed Products

US Marketed Products

InnoPharma focuses on difficult to make products and has worked with the top 3 generic pharmaceutical companies to commercialize its products

    • There are 9 products on the market
    • The average approval time is only 25 months

Being first to market or first-to-file is what the generic industry strives for, greater than 75% of InnoPharma’s marketed products were first approvals and have only 1 competitor in the market. This status makes it a stand-out leader in the generic space.

Visual ProductInnoPharma Marketed ProductsTherapeutic CategoryApproval YearLink to Marketing Partners Package InsertComments on InnoPharama Product
10% (4, 10 & 30mL)
Respiratory2014More InformationLaunch represents a full suite of available doses in the market.
Decitabine for Injection, 50 mg/VialAnti-cancer2014More InformationInnoPharma is 2nd approved ANDA
Doxercalciferol InjectionVitamin D2014More InformationFirst generic approval
Acamprosate DR TabletsAntagonists2013More Information
  • First generic approval
  • Was Approved with Expedited review status from the FDA
Acetylcysteine Inhalation
10% (4, 10 & 30mL)
20% (4, 10 & 30mL)
Respiratory2012More InformationGranted Expedited Review status from the FDA because this product was on drug shortage
Cidofovir InjectionAnti-viral2012More Information
Cosyntropin InjectionHormone (Diagnostic)2012More Information
Acetylcysteine InjectionCritical Care2012More InformationFirst generic approval

First-to-File and received a 180-days of marketing exclusivity.
Levetiracetam InjectionCNS2011More Information
Olanzapine Injection
Anti-psychotic2011More InformationFirst generic approval
Ibutilide InjectionAnti-arrhythmic2010More InformationFirst generic approval